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At the request of its clients, the agency turned to economic intelligence to expand its field of investigation and meet other needs, outside the traditional field of private investigations.

intelligence economique

What is Economic intelligence ?

There are several definitions of economic intelligence. We will retain that resulting from the report Martre established in 1994: the economic intelligence is the set of coordinated activities of collection, treatment and diffusion of the information useful to the economic actors, with a view to its exploitation. We can add influence and notoriety actions as well as those related to the protection of information. It differs from economic espionage because it is openly practiced and uses only information collected by legal means.

Economic intelligence has two components:

a defensive component formed by the protection and defense of the heritage (sensitive information, know-how and specific technologies or equipment).
an offensive component, constituted by the strategic watch (to clarify the context, the environment of the company) and the influence (actions to weigh on the environment),

a quoi sert intelligence economique

What is the purpose of economic intelligence?

Economic intelligence helps to control and protect strategic information, produce key information, ensure competitive development and identify threats or opportunities. This is what Michael Porter said about "giving the right information to the right person at the right time to make the right decision" (Michael Porter).

ce que nous proposons

What we offer :

Cap investigations carries out due diligence in order to anticipate various risks in terms of partnership with a view to protecting the company. Whether it is buying a business, contracting with a customer, hiring a senior executive, working with a new supplier, a certain amount of caution is needed to verify the respectability of individuals and companies that will interact with the company.
These are sometimes legal requirements that require such verifications, particularly on matters of compliance with French and foreign laws on corruption or the fight against terrorism. But it may also be to protect against a risk of image or reputation, or even security risks. In any case, it is a question of controlling its development by improving the knowledge of the different actors in order to anticipate tendencies or actions of the competition or its adversaries or to reduce the threats.
Strategic studies with field relays in several countries are sometimes useful for obtaining information that is not easily accessible and able to anticipate. The establishment of watches also makes it possible to collect strategic information in a structured and methodical manner and to keep it up-to-date.

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proposes to carry out strategic watch as well as additional investigations by relying on an international network of correspondents, investigators and journalists to determine a strategy that can go through protective measures or actions of influence.