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 Cap Investigations companie was created in 2011 by two private investigators, graduated from the university of Paris II-assas.



Laurent L'HORSET

Laurent L'HORSET comes from the legal community. He was a lawyers associate and legal representative for 12 years.
Laurent holds a Master 2 of Law for commercial enterprises and several certificates in criminology. He also holds a professional degree of Director of investigations " security of possessions and people" from the prestigious university Paris II-Assas.

At the same time, he is a graduate from the National institute for security studies (INHESJ) with the diploma of "companies protection and economic intelligence expert."

Custumers appreciate his skills in private investigations, particularly in the field of asset and financial investigations.
Laurent is member of the board of National Union of Private Agents of Research.


Stéphanie PELTIER

Stéphanie PELTIER has worked in the human ressources sector, where she spent 10 years as responsible of the social pole for major french compagnies.
Stéphanie graduated from higher education in the management of investigations, security of property and persons, in private law and social sciences.

Her specilality is organizing missions abroad, in private investigations and the search for missing persons.

Customers appreciate her investigator qualities and her experience within human relations and maintaining dialogue.

Stéphanie is a member of the National Union of Private Agents of Research.


Cap Investigations is a private research agency, based in Paris and Versailles, having developped specific know-how and value-added benefits.

Its operating range covers Paris, the Ile de france region and extends to France and Abroad.