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We meet our clients in a discreet public place or within the company concerned. Our interviews remain strictly confidential. The secret remains for us a determining rule in our professional practice.


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Efficiency is one of the core values ​​of Cap Investigations. All our services are organized to aim for maximum efficiency. Our services include efficient technical means and adapted to each case.


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The working method developed within Cap investigations is based on a rigorous approach to the fundamentals of our business and on a high level of requirement in research and information processing.


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We respect the rules of ethics set by the Internal Security Code. Thus, we reject any mission we know from the outset that it has no chance of succeeding or that it generates a conflict of interest. We also apply principles of clarity and transparency to our customers.



Private detectives practice a liberal profession and therefore charge a free fee. Cap Investigations determines its rates according to the specificity of the files. These last ones take into account various parameters: nature of the investigations, delays, human means, material means, technical means ...  



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Our contract includes the legal information concerning our agency and the guarantees you receive. It states our commitments as well as yours. For example, you will be asked for security reasons not to report our intervention to third parties during the period of our intervention


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At the end of our mission, we draw up a written or oral investigation report according to the case. Our written reports are usable in french court and respect the substantive and formal conditions of the legal acts. These are precise, detailed and documented reports.


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Legality is one of the foundations of our action. This is true of our missions, but also of the means of investigation that we employ. It also represents a guarantee of protection for our customers and a guarantee of credibility concerning our partners.